The Teardrop Saga, by Lauren Kate

Updated: Mar 31

The Teardrop Saga is a disappointment at best. The storyline offers hope, a glimmer of something which could have been made amazing, but the execution is soft, undramatic and rather lack-lustre. 

In this series Lauren Kate had a great idea, but created characters slightly too flat to pull it off.

From the blurb;

'We follow seventeen-year-old Eureka, who won’t let anyone close enough to feel her pain.

After her mother was killed in a violent freak accident the things she used to love no longer hold any meaning or value. She wants to escape the bitter life she has come to lead, but a boy named Ander, who appears to be everywhere she goes, holds her back.

It is only when Eureka uncovers an ancient tale of love and heartbreak that her life takes on a new meaning. Suddenly her mother’s death and Anders appearance seem to be connected, and secrets are revealed which will change her life forever.'

While telling stories about the mythical city of Atlantis is not a new idea, Kate attempts to take these tales to a new level, introducing her own theory’s, plot twists and characters to shape the myths to her needs.

Sadly however these neat changes do not add up to a story which makes any real sense, and it is hard to get through the two books with things happening a bit too conveniently and magic being a bit too helpful to the cause of our main character.

Although Eureka and Ander show some depth, other characters throughout the book are too flat to be believable, and become irritants to the storyline. 

These books are worth a read shearly for a few great moments, sections which are memorable. However these parts are so few and far between that the overall series becomes quite forgettable.

We Give The Teardrop Saga One Star


ISBN – 978-0-857-53226-8 Cover price (hard-back) - £9.99 Available on eBook.


ISBN – 978-0-857-53230-5 Cover price (hard-back) - £12.99 Available on eBook.

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