The Underland Chronicles, by Suzanne Collins.

Before The Hunger Games made Suzanne Collins a household name her The Underland Chronicles series sat tucked away as beloved books on many children bookshelves and should not be overlooked by any fan of her beautiful writing style.

Our main character Gregor is young when he accidently falls into the lap of a hidden underground war. Taking nods from The Borrowers, the Underland Chronicles explores this courageous characters underground adventures as he fights to help a civilisation of hidden creatures in an invisible war, and ultimately saves his own family.

These books beautifully describe a hidden labyrinth and thriving life below everything we know. Taking a highly likable set of main characters from their small lives and thrusting them into a world of adventure, struggle and triumph.

Gregor makes these books truly addictive. His kindness and thoughtful actions carry much of the storyline into something fantastic. Taking what could have been a story of male bluster, bravado and action and turning it into something much deeper.

As we fall with him into a world only known by Collins we fall in love with every aspect of her imagination.

Though written for children Collins does not lessen her writing style of cartful use of English for these books, ensuring that they are an enjoyable read for any age. If you are desperate for more of her writing the Underland Chronicles certainly do not disappoint, but rather widen our understanding of how great a writer Collins truly is.

We Give The Underland Chronicles Three Stars.

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