Topics About Which I Know Nothing, by Patrick Ness

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

This short book of small stories gives readers a fantastic insight into the imaginative mind of Ness.

Gloriously funny, offbeat and intelligent, each of these short stories will make readers laugh and leave them in awe of the many wonderful worlds Ness can create.

From Jesus’s double elbows; Amazons from the Isle of Man; schoolchildren on a murderous archaeological dig; to dinosaurs abandoned by Noah’s Ark, Topics About Which I Know Nothing is a wonderful look into how the world could have been.

While not a novel, this book of shorts offers up many ideas and great fiction in its rawest of forms. The reader is spun from one tale to the next, and where some won’t meet everyone’s liking there is definitely a story for everyone in this book.

The perfect gift for the avid reader, Topics About Which I Know Nothing is a wonderfully light read which will leave the reader content, happy and wondering about things that could have been in a more fantastical world.

We Give Topics About Which I Know Nothing Three Stars

ISBN – 978-0-00-713944-6

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