Unforgiven, by Lauren Kate.

Updated: Mar 31

For lovers of the Fallen Sereies Unforgiven hit shelves to great excitement, yet sadly this fifth novel feels too greatly separated from the smash hit series before it that it’s hard to believe they are one of the same.

Though Lauren Kate keeps true to the writing and world building styles which made her popular, in this fifth book there is little in these characters to grow attached to. However many lovers of the series before may find themselves enjoying every nod to the storylines. While we follow on with a much loved character in Unforgiven we are left scratching our heads over how his stoyline fits into this world and wondering what the true goals of our characters are at this point.

From the blurb:

“High school can be hell. Cam knows what it’s like to be haunted. He’s spent more time in Hell than any angel ever should. And his freshest Hell is high school, where Lilith, the girl he can’t stop loving, is serving out a punishment for his crimes. Cam made a bet with Lucifer: he has fifteen days to convince the only girl who really matters to him to love him again. If he succeeds, Lilith will be allowed back into the world, and they can live their lives together. But if he fails . . . there’s a special place in Hell just for him. Tick-tock.”

While this is by far not a bad book, we would recommend not going into it looking for the same passion and excitement felt with the Fallen series and taking it not as a fifth book but as a side novel to that core storyline.

We Give Unforgiven One Star.

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