We'll Always Have Summer, by Jenny Han

The third and explosive end to Belly's summer love story is an unmissable conclusion.

This third and final book in this must read summer series jumps forward by a whole summer, depositing us into Belly's much more grown up world just as it gets turned upside down.

While we may have been left feeling confident we knew which summer boy Belly had chosen at the end of the second novel the uncovering of some new secrets may just be enough to make her question her choices.

From the blurb;

'Isabel has only ever loved two boys, Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher.

'One broke her heart; the other made her happier than she ever thought she'd be. But each brother is keeping a secret, and this summer Isabel must choose between the Fisher boys, once and for all.

'Which brother will it be?'

No reader will be prepared for the journey Jenny Han sends these characters on, but every lover of the series will be thrilled to by how Belly's story comes to it's conclusion.

Like the second book We'll Always Have Summer adopts the additional view point of one of the Fisher brothers, revealing to the reader how the summer boy in question feels and whats really going on in that beautiful head of theirs.

Jenny Han stays true to who these characters really are at their core and gives them each the end the truly deserve in this whirlwind third novel. While the two books leading up to this book are full of midnight swims and sand dusted floors We'll Always Have Summer is removed from some of this summer brilliance and filed with bigger family issues. Can love truly overcome all? And is safe love the same as great love?

This summer season dive deep into Belly's romantic story with We'll Always Have Summer and allow Jenny Han to give you all the summer vibes.

We Give We'll Always Have Summer Five Stars

ISBN - 978-0-141-33056-3 Cover Price - £6.99 Published by the Penguin Group 2011

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