Winterkill series, by Kate A. Boorman

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Enter a world where everything is not as it seems. In a settlement deep in the forest a civilisation lives under strict rules, separated into different duties and terrified of the forest beyond their walls.

Boorman’s first novel, Winterkill is a thrill to read, full of secrets, fear and raw emotion, but the sequel, Darkthaw, will leave you rattled, adrenaline filled and unable to wait for the next chapter in this astonishing series.  

We read these books through the perspective of main character Emmeline, an intelligent, brave girl who has dreams that are bigger than her standing.

From the blurb;

'In this world no one leaves the settlement if they want to survive. Emmeline knows this, but the trees beyond the walls are whispering to her, pulling her towards the wayward path.

Within the walls of her home she is faced with a marriage she doesn’t want, and a boy she can never have. But outside the Malmaci lies in wait, and the freezing Winterkill is coming.

It is up to Emmeline to decide which world she cannot live without.'

In this first book we are introduced to this strange and wonderful world, built on fear and hope, which both stand on a careful balance between tipping a whole settlement into turmoil.

This first novel is made all the more powerful by the lack of power our main character has, hated by many, she finds it hard to be heard within her home. Her dreams and hopes are repugnant and she is often regarded an outsider. It is these challenges that make her evolution all the more impressive however and when we join her in Darkthaw she is much changed.

Where Winterkill was fierce, Darkthaw is distressing. We follow Emmeline into a world beyond what she knows, and what she has ever known. Faced with the struggle of who to trust, who to save.

In this book Emmeline grows, her naivety and some of her selfish behaviour being removed by tragic and life threatening moments.

Certainly not a book for the squeamish, Darkthaw will make your heart hammer, fill you with dread, and offer very little light at the end of the tunnel.

An amazing series which is impossible to put down, lovingly written and oh so thrilling.

We Give Winterkill Series Three Stars


ISBN – 978-0-571-31369-3 Cover price - £7.99


ISBN – 978-0-571-31373-0 Cover price - £7.99

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