Wyrmeweald, by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

Updated: Mar 31

Definitely books to buy in paperback or hard-back form for the sheer beauty of the artwork alone.

The Wyrmeweald novels, Returners Wealth, The Bone Trial and Bloodhoney are based in a devastatingly beautiful world where dragons exist in lands hard to reach and hard to survive in. The awe of society means dragon catchers are famed, while those who dare to make the dangerous journey to the mountains return with great wealth stolen from the belly of the land.

But the true wealth of this world is in living with the dragons, in living with the nature of the mountains, the true magic, in love and friendship.

These novels are the lovingly written creations of a partnership between Chris Riddle and Paul Stewart. Each one is a pleasure to read, the storyline so perfectly thought-out and the beauty of the world so wonderfully described that it’s addictive.

We move through the books as main character Micah, a young pioneer set on finding his fortune. However, Micah discovers something far more valuable than any returner’s wealth before.

In the wyremweald fearsome and dangerous creatures, wyrmes, run wild and free. It is no place for mortal man, but for Micah it brings kingship like no other, alongside enemies for life.

Where one foolish deed can turn a boy into a villain the wyremeweald also offers the chance to become a hero.

In the first book, we with Micah, are introduced to this amazing new land, while in the second and third novels the action becomes all that more real, and all that more fraught.

These books will leave your heart pounding at points and at others will leave you soaring.

Wonderful reads, and a wonderful world to escape to.

We Give Wyrmeweald Three Stars

Returners Wealth;

ISBN – 978-0-385-61733-8 Cover price (hard-back) - £12.99

The Bone Trial;

ISBN – 978-0-385-61743-7 Cover price (hard-back) - £14.99


ISBN – 978-0-385-61741-3 Cover price (hard-back) - £14.99

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