Youngbloods, by Scott Westerfeld

The earth shattering fourth and final novel in the Impostors series from the masterful Scott Westerfeld.

This novel is a beautiful celebration of the complete Impostors series and it's predecessor the Uglies Series. However, in a surprising twist, the best part of this novel are the acknowledgments. In these final few pages Scott Westerfeld reveals some of the realities of his author journey and gives a powerful message to the readers who have supported him and loved these novels from beginning to end.

The Impostors series was a joyful surprise to many fans of Westerfelds Uglies novels, moving forward in the world which we all fell in love with, and experiencing, with a new host of characters, the time post 'mind-rain'. We fell in love with these new characters and experienced their growth in their flourishing world yet all the while we could not forget the original Uglies cast.

In Youngbloods Westerfeld rewards long term fans with the return of the Uglies main characters. This return is a glorious return to a cast of characters fans fell in love with years ago. We get to see how they've changed and grown and throughout the novel learn to see them in a new light. This novel ends on a high note that fans will adore.

From the blurb;

'Frey has spent her life being manipulated by her father and playing her sister's double. Finally free, she is finding her own voice and using it to question everything her family stood for.

'Tally Youngblood was once the most famous rebel in the world. But for over a decade she's kept to the shadows, observing that the revolution she led did not create a stable world.

'As chaos and conspiracy reign, it's time for Frey and Tally to come out of hiding. Can they join forces and put a check on the people in power?'

This novel will leave readers breathless and full of desire to go back and re-read the entire story from the first Uglies book.

Westerfeld has shown through this series that he adores his fans, appreciates the life they breathe into his worlds, and the passion they give his characters. In this novel he thanks them for everything they have given him, and we could not love it more.

We give Youngbloods Five Stars

Published by Scholastic ISBN - 978-1-4071-8831-7 Cover Price - £7.99 Available as an eBook

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