Patrick Ness; Doctor Who spin-off Class

Updated: Jan 21, 2020


It was recently announced that acclaimed young adult author Patrick Ness will be writing new Doctor Who spin-off series Class which shall start filming in April 2016.

A full cast list has yet to be announced for the new series, nor has it been made clear whether the eight episode show will be aired weekly or put onto the new online BBC3 channel all at once.

It has been announced that current Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi will be making an apperance in the new series. The show will be based in Coal Hill, a school which has appeared in the recent series of Doctor Who as the place where assistant Clara Oswald taught.

Fan's of Patrick Ness and Doctor Who alike are looking forward to the new series, though some have expressed concern about it replacing the popular Sarah Jane series as the new Doctor Who for children.

It is expected that Patrick Ness will bring some of his unique and acclaimed style to the show, though as of yet there is no word of a second series. Currently the show is scheduled to consist of eight 45 minute episodes, though the BBC is as of yet undecided about how to air them.

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