A change in commuter reading habits

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

While book sales have been falling across the board there has been a rise in the past five years in digital book sales, a most noticeable change for the commuter.

Since the launch of Amazon Audible, in particular, we have seen a rise of audio-book sales, and a rise in listeners, with many choosing the audio-book for travelling. In 2014 the American Association of Publishers announced a growth of 28% in audio book sales. With 2016 editions of magazines, such as Glamour, noting the new trend in an article as a new fashion for commuters. In comparison to the eBook however, audible sales have a long way to come.

Since 2012 we have seen a steady drop in physical book sales, with a fall of £200 million worth of book sales across the board between 2012 - 14, with physical book sales falling the fastest where digital books are filling the gap.

This change to digital reading platforms however is hitting the British high street, with a major reduction in book stores across the nation.

Today major book retailers Waterstones owns just 275 stores in the UK, with WH Smiths owning an amazing total of 1,300 stores UK wide. Meanwhile private book retailers have suffered huge losses in the past five years with only -- stores in the UK in 2014.

With digital books becoming all the more available and with a considerable difference in price saving people money we are seeing a resurgence in novels.

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