Trying To Get Noticed In a Crowded Market

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

There is nothing quiet so hard as self-publishing. For most people who have a great passion for reading, writing your own book is an easy next step, however getting it published and then noticed is a difficult climb.

I always loved making up and telling stories, long before I found a passion for reading them. Recently I decided to make my own small leap and publish a collection of story shorts I have written over the past decade. A collection I am pleased to say I am quiet proud off.

Like many people with little funds and not much experience, I turned to amazon to publish my book, and am now fighting to get it noticed.

Since publishing around two months ago I have sold a grand total of four issues, two of which were to myself.

I have tried a number of things to be noticed. I have done the one-a-day-Tweets, created a Facebook page singularly for the book, run Facebook boosted posts, did an Amazon countdown deal lasting 10 days, have blogged, advertised personally and even paid just under £30 to have the book promoted by a freelancer through Fiverr.

So far none of these things have caused a boost in sales. The two sales that were not from me came back with Five star reviews and wonderful comments, but still no one else is biting.

It is because of this I am now going to attempt YouTube, which I will be posting here, alongside with regular updates about the self-publishing game.

Obviously I cannot give you immediate, foolproof advice on how to self-publish a book and actually make money out of it. However, my hope is that by bringing you on this venture with me we could both, maybe, learn something about how this is done.

If you have any advice on getting a self-published book noticed please leave it in the comments below to help me out and to help out anyone else reading this.

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