The Boy From Allahabad, by Ruchir Verma

… Blinded by ambition, he only slipped deeper until it was too late. And then, Allahabad came to rescue once again…

Allahabad, the holy Hindu city situated at the confluence of three rivers - sacred Ganga, mighty Yamuna and invisible Saraswati, hosts the largest gathering of humans ever - the 'Kumbh Mela'. It has a sizable Muslim population (Allahabad - place of God) and is known for producing disproportionate number of prominent politicians.

Born and abandoned helpless during Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, Balu found himself through Gods, religions and ambition, and went on to lead a high life of crime and politics. Defining himself as both Hindu and Muslim, he ruled Allahabad through drugs, love and acumen. Efforts to quit the life of crime took him to Asia, Europe and the USA but to no salvation.

Described as an incredibly well researched novel, The Boy From Allahabad, is the perfect fiction read for non-fiction lovers. A captivating, well crafted story, Ruchir Verma will impress you with his unique talent and inspired view of the world.

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