Twin Flame, by Tee Maith

At just 50 pages long this debut novel from independent author Tee Maith packs a brilliant punch. The perfect short psychological fiction read to make that long flight to your summer holiday destination, literally, fly by.

Published just last month this novel is brand new to the market, and certainly worth getting an early bird jump on. Tee Maith may just be the next big name in independently published authors, and you do not want to miss this stunning first step into what looks to be an impressive future career.

Twin Flame is the edge of your seat short story, following Latavia Winters as she searches for her husband.

Everyone tells her he died in the house fire, but she doesn't believe it, and defiantly won't accept it. While the people around her have given up hope for the man she loves, and are certain her grief has driven her to the edge, Latavia is on a mission, and will not stop until she finds her husband.

Tee Maith is an American author, born November 26, 1982. As with many exceptional American authors before her, Maith was raised in a small town in Virginia. Always having had a creative mind Maith's interests ranged from music, drawing, and writing, her skill growing in each and resulting in a talented eye for brilliant fiction. Tee Maith has a love for caring for others and worked in health care for many years, continuing her passion for writing as a hobby. Now the mother of one, Maith enjoys spending time with her family, and putting pen to paper to create new worlds. Do not miss out of this stunning debut shot story, available on every device as an eBook through Kindle, Barnes&Nobel and iTunes from just $5.00, or as a lightweight paperback from Amazon at just $8.99.

ISBN-10: 1090344759 ISBN-13: 978-1090344755

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