The Tarot and the Mysteries of Love and Sex, By Mel J Fleming II

For those interested in the mystical world of Tarot reading, Mel J Fleming brings a whole new twist to the ancient art with The Tarot and The Mysteries of Love and Sex. Bringing forward a concentration on the nature of personal relationships, this Tarot guide book and accompanying deck, are beautifully crafted to give divine insight into relationships and love.

Mel J Fleming said; "I wrote this book to show that the divine nature of Tarot can be used to perform readings, on the issues of Love, Sex, Romance, and relationships. The meanings of all 78 cards were specifically made out in that respect, so when you draw cards, each has its own unique sexually oriented character."

For those already versed in Tarot reading The Tarot and The Mysteries of Love and Sex book and deck can be used with any spread you choose to use. The book is easy to read, ensuring that this set is perfect for even those who are new to Tarot reading.

Available in hardback, or e-copy form from £12.50, this well priced set could be the perfect introduction to Tarot for the romantically inclined. Find the answers you seek, in what is described as a 'Highly erotic' Tarot deck, included with the purchase.

Buy your copy of this exciting new tack on the Tarot here;

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